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Kalex Custom Carvings Ltd.

Kalex Custom Carvings Ltd.

Manufacturing & Production

About Us

Custom carvings out of solid maple. Creating games, signs and more.


Dice Poker
Folding Sequence
Campsite Sign
Custom Campsite Sign
Marble Baseball
6 Player and 4 Player Aggravation
Memories Crib Board with Deck and Peg Storage
Custom NL Crib Board with Deck and Peg Storage
Frustration Rummy and Absolute Frustration Rummy with Peg Storage
Farkle, 10,000, Dice Game
Espresso Deep Pocket Rummoli with Custom Cups
Lazy Susan Rummoli Base
Rustic Espresso and Rustic Ebony Shallow Pocket Rummoli
Espresso Shallow Pocket Rummoli

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