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ALOHA Mind Math Fort McMurray

ALOHA Mind Math Fort McMurray


About Us

Aloha Mind Math is a proven learning program for children in the field of numerical skills. It was designed to boost your child’s mental capacity using challenging mental exercises. It promotes thinking in pictures, clearer thinking, improved memory and focused listening – all through the use of fun, brain exercise activities, and games.
This system stimulates both sides of the brain. Utilizing a physical and virtual abacus, the child develops a photographic memory of the abacus from which he/she can answer math problems with considerable speed.

ALOHA enhances child’s analytical and creative abilities sharpening their capacity for:
Accelerated learning
Laser-focused concentration
Enhanced listening
Expanded memory and recall
Pinpoint mental accuracy
Keener observation skills

ALOHA Mind Math is a perfect destination for your child’s mental math.
At ALOHA, We make sure that your child realizes his or her potential and does their best.

Unlike conventional math tutoring programs, Aloha Mind Math uses multisensory techniques that involve coordination of visual (eyes), auditory (ears), kinesthetic (motor memory), and tactile senses (touch) resulting in ‘whole brain training’.

Invest In Your Child Today ……. Empower your child!!!


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Rep/Contact Info

Ms. Ruchi Pachauri
Director/Franchisee Owner

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