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Wood Buffalo Bucks: Business Sign Up Form


About the Program

Wood Buffalo Bucks is Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce money that can be bought by just about anyone and is spent at participating businesses only. This program is intended to encourage local shopping and keep money in the community to support our local businesses.

Only Chamber of Commerce members may participate in this program. If you are interested in becoming a member, please copy this link in your browser to submit an application:

How it Works - Information for participating businesses

When a customer spends Wood Buffalo Bucks at your business, please check the following for verification: a sequential number on the back of the card (ex. 0025) and a custom seal stamp. All Wood Buffalo Bucks cards are tracked. The value is printed on the front and is in denominations of $100, $50, and $25.

We ask that you treat this like real money, as it has been purchased and paid for through the Chamber of Commerce. After Wood Buffalo Bucks have been spent at your business, you can then scan or take a photo of the front of the Wood Buffalo Bucks AND its corresponding receipt and send it to or bring both copies to the Chamber Office to be reimbursed with actual money. We will not be held liable for any vouchers that are lost in the mail. Proof of redemption is required to be submitted instantly or by the end of the respective month of which it was redeemed. We make every effort to reimburse you at the end of the month – with the exception of the Christmas holidays.

Wood Buffalo Bucks has no expiry date and can be used like cash. Please note that no change will be given, but it can be purchased in various denominations for convenient spending.

If you have employees, please ensure they are aware of the program

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!

Contact: Sahar Saifee, Member Engagement Specialist
Call: 780-743-3100
Office: #105-9912 Franklin Avenue
Please note our regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.


I wish to confirm our participation in the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce Wood Buffalo Bucks Program and will honour and redeem the cards for the specified value presented in my place of business.

By registering here, you acknowledge that your business will accept Wood Buffalo Bucks. You also acknowledge that your business may be included in the promotional materials as appropriate. You will also agree to post "We Accept Wood Buffalo Bucks" signage in your establishment to let shoppers know that you are a participant in the program.
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